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Хотел Класик - Хасково България, Hotel Classic - Haskovo

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Семеен хотел Радис - Китен област Бургас

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    Balkans Region


Nessebar - a small piece of land embraced by the Sea (with a population of 10 000 people) is located 36 km northeast of Burgas, on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria.

Next to it is another great Bulgarian resort – Sunny Beach. The town lies south of the last spurs of the ancient Hemus /Stara Planina/, which descends to the Black Sea with the last of its cliffs at Cape Emine.

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The Architectural - Historical Reserve of Nessebar is located in the old town and is a peninsula, about 850 m long and 350 meters wide, In ancient times the city was called Mesambria, during the middle ages Messemvria, and later Nessebar. Throughout its existence, the city has always been surrounded by great walls, remnants of which are preserved to this day.

Haskovo - Bulgaria

Haskovo - population 77,905 people in 2013, called "The City of The Blessed Virgin Mary" is located in southeastern Bulgaria on the international road E80 connecting Europe with Asia. About 70 km from the borders with Greece and Turkey and 220 km from the capital Sofia, Bulgaria. There are numerous natural and historical sites in the region of Haskovo.

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Not coincidentally the day of Haskovo is September 8th when it is celebrated the birth of the Virgin Mary according to the Orthodox Christian Calendar.

1. The monument of the Blessed Virgin Mary with the child is probably the most popular. It is located in the city of Haskovo on the hill Yamacha. The height of the monument is 32.8 meters (107.6 feet) made ​​of polymer concrete at the base of which there is a small chapel. The construction of the monument was made possible through donations from the local people and businesses of the city. The residents of the town believe that the Virgin Mary is the guardian and protector of the city.

The riddle of the unique Church in the village of Uzundjovo, Haskovo - Bulgaria.

About 15 km from the town of Haskovo. In the village of Uzundjovo is the Church "Uspenie Bogorodichno" (Church of the assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary) known to many Bulgarians and foreigners.

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Impressive is the building of the local Church "uspenie bogorodichno". To this day, scientists and local residents argue over whether the Church in the village was the first mosque or Christian Church. There are many cases, when the Orthodox Church was converted into a mosque, but otherwise almost no examples. According to scientists, the temple was built more than 500 years ago on the orders of the Sultan.

Troyan - Troyan Monastery

Troyan Monastery is located about 10 km southeast of the old town of Troyan in the foothills of the Balkan Mountains.

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Built about 400 meters above sea level, the biggest monastery in the mountains is surrounded by beautiful forests and the river "Cherni Osam". The Monastery is well developed as a tourist attraction with many souvenir shops, restaurants and entertainment venues around.

Sandanski, the city with the cleanest air in Bulgaria.

Sandanski is a town in southwestern Bulgaria, located at the foot of the Pirin mountain in the Blagoevgrad region with a population of 28510 in 2011. The resort is almost equidistant from Sofia and Thessaloniki and about 20 miles from the border with Greece. Through the city passes a rail line along the route Sofia - Kulata - Thessaloniki.

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The distance from Sandanski to the Aegean Sea resorts is 126 km. 12 km away from Sandanski is the area Rupite with the temple "St. Petka", built by prophetess Vanga. In the area of Sandanski is believed to have been born and lived Spartacus. The monument of Spartacus is one of the symbols of the city. Until 1947 the city carries the name Sveti Vrach in memory of two brothers Cosmas and Damian and then was renamed to Sandanski.

Destination - Alexandroupolis, Greece

Alexandroupolis / or Dedeagach / is situated on the northern coast of the Aegean Sea, west of the mouth of the Maritsa river. With population 72.959 (2011)

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Alexandroupolis is a new city created by a group of fishermen at the cafe and sentry guard against smugglers. The small village is called Dedeagach In Turkish "old tree" or "tree of a hermit."
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